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Door to Door Tune

Is it someone you knows’ birthday, anniversary, special day, etc. soon? Would you like to give them a lovely little suprise? Well, door to door tune is the ideal service for you then! I will write a personal tune for any joyful occasion you specify and go to the person you would like the song sung to, and perform it on their door step.

Youtube serenade

Similar to the Door to Door Tune, the Youtube Serenade is for that special someone in your life that you would love a specialised song sung to. Together we will discuss what will be written. I will then record a personalised youtube video and you will get the link to send to the person.


The idea behind wanderbusk is to enliven your trip to Nijmegen. I will join you on a tour around Nijmegen, showing you some of the lesser seen parts, and casually serenading you with lovely ukulele songs at intervals throughout the walk. This process is very flexible and you can make a request list of songs you would like played prior to the walk.


Any performances, work functions, parties, that you would like me to perform at then please contact me, and we can discuss the details.

Do you have an idea that needs a ukulele singer-songwriter to help realise? I am open to any requests of services that you would like.


Due to the personalised nature of all of the services, pricing will be negotiated prior to work being completed. For any business enquiries, please contact me via the contact form on this website.

However, here is a rough guide for each of the above outlined services:

Door to Door Tune – 40 euros per song (+ travel costs)

Youtube Serenade – 20 euros per song

Wanderbusk – 10 euros per hour


I am currently situated in Nijmegen. I am willing to travel anywhere within the Netherlands to do a performance and to perform a Door to Door Tune.

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